Mission & Vision

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” - Dalai Lama



To add value to the society for a better lifestyle



To lead in every industry we undertake.



Thrive for  sustainable value creation for the company’s stakeholders through an efficient infrastructure based on innovation, technology, efficiency, specialization, and positive work culture aiming for excellence


Challenger ensures and maintains proper facilities and living conditions for workers in the country, while contributing in multiple ways to the overall productivity levels of Qatar, especially in moving forward towards the country's 2030 vision.

We continuously amass sufficient resources to provide logistical support to some of the biggest construction projects in Qatar, with aspirations of becoming the leading manpower providers and workers accommodators in the country.


Challenger considers the safety and prosperity of the workforce its top priority. Our facilities and accommodations offer a safe, comfortable environment for workers, where we strongly believe that a healthy body and mind are essential for an individual’s productivity and efficiency.

Also, we comply with the highest workers’ welfare standards and Qatar’s labor laws, meeting and exceeding the expected level of compliance required by the biggest local and international institutions, such as BWI, Impact, Supreme committee, Qatar Rail and Qatar Foundation.

Looking for a job?

We are always looking to welcome ambitious professionals to our family. If you want to be part of the Challenger team, kindly send us your resume.