Impact Audit Receiving Compliance 97%
Oct 15, 2018

Impactt was founded in 1997, an award-winning ethical trade consultancy delivering practical, innovative, change-focused solutions across multiple industries and countries. with global teams draw on both ethical and commercial expertise, together with a full understanding of complex supply chain challenges. They help funders, brands, retailers and suppliers to address pressing social issues, from modern slavery to empowering women.

Their mission is to help improve the lives of 6M workers in global supply chains by 2020 by developing win- win solutions that work for business and workers, harnessing the power of supply chains for positive change, since 2006 they’ve reached 1.38 million workers.

An Audit was conducted by Impact at Challenger city worker’s accommodation proudly receiving 97% compliance.

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Supplying Manpower

Challenger is ready to supply construction projects with the working force they need to meet schedules and goals.

Challenger City

Challenger City is the biggest, most inclusive manpower accommodation project in the country. Built to provide a healthy living environment, the city can house more than 6 thousand residents.