Election Day
Mar 22, 2019

We believe in the importance of workers having a voice. Therefore we support the workers welfare forum as a mechanism for raising concerns directly to employers via elected representatives to represent each nationality.

On Friday, March 22nd Challenger City was joined by the representatives of the SC WWD and Marie-Jose Tayah a representative from the ILO to open the doors to all workers to give each an equal chance to vote for their new representative that will represent them and speak up for their nationalities. The workers welfare forums provide a safe environment in which to raise a wide range of issues, including but not limited to accommodation, food, transport ethical recruiting and practices which will be carried on to the CTC management team to resolve issues faster as raised.

"I stood for election at the workers welfare forum because it gave me a voice on behalf of my fellow colleagues. It is a way to communicate to our bosses. I've never experienced this anywhere else I've been in Qatar."

Following the events of voting for their new representatives, we have also implemented a raffle draw to give each worker a fair chance to win a prize. Each worker would have written down their last 4 digits of their QID on a piece of paper which was then drawn at random from a container.

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