Swedish Media "Aftonbladet" Visits
Apr 27, 2019

A Swedish media group from Aftonbladet News visited our accommodation facility accompanied by a SC representative Mr. Stephan van Dyk and the CTC management team. The purpose of the visit was to show the improvements of how the new labor law has impacted workers in a positive way through the new state-of-the-art accommodation facility "Challenger City" that gives workers more than just a resting place but additional amenities to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Aftonbladet responded with the following article shortly after their visit.

"Here they leave their clothes and get everything washed free. To the right are all our football and basketball courts. Here they have access to free Wi-Fi and computers. There, they get free food three times a day. Here we have the gym - very well equipped! The whole thing is built up as a summer camp for workers who struggle to build the World Cup venues 8-10 hours a day. 1,000 of the 6,000 workers do not work specifically with arenas, which is a way for the regime to show that it is not just the World Cup workers have access to Challenger City."


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