Brazilian Legend Cafu Guest of Honor at Challenger city.
Oct 26, 2019

With 4 appearances in the World Cup and 142 appearances for Brazil, Cafu was the guest of honor at Challenger City, accompanied by Mr. Abdul Azeez from Generation Amazing (GA) and our CTC team on the 17th of May 2019. In the heartland of his home, Cafu dedicates his life giving the kids of his neighborhood access to opportunities he never had the luxury of experiencing through football activation programs. Generation Amazing was founded on these principals and we believe in providing our youth of today access to these new abilities which is out of their reach and can help improve their social wellbeing and interaction as they are the future of our generation.

Two-time World Cup winner (1994 and 2002) and once runner-up (1998) in football’s showpiece competition, Cafu was invited to Challenger City to take part in the afternoons football activation program led by the GA master couches. In partnership with GA we also aim that the football activation program is focused on bringing new social interaction skills and abilities to various labour workers within our accommodation facility to help them gain new skills which can have a positive impact on future possibilities for them.

Cafu said: “Being involved with Generation Amazing and at Challenger City was an amazing experience. It was such a different experience for both sides and something that brought great joy to everyone involved.”

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